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Child Support

Auslex Law Group is proud to offer the expert services of a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Adam Bye. Specialist Accreditation is only awarded to the most elite solicitors in their field, which means you can rest assured that at Auslex Law Group you will be getting the absolute best advice and legal support in your case.

A separation brings with it a lot of change. Auslex Law Group is here to help you navigate through these changes and to ensure you understand all your legal rights.

We provide complete and thorough legal advice, ensuring you understand all your rights and options.

The Child Support Agency is a government body that generally manages the majority of child support arrangements in Australia. A parent, or in some cases a carer, has a right to apply for a child support assessment through the Child Support Agency. The child support agency then will calculate the child support that should be paid, and can even assist with the collections of the payments.

There are other ways to formalise a child support agreement. Parties can consider putting in place a private child support agreement.

To discuss your legal options regarding private binding child support agreements, contact us today.

If you do not agree with the amount of your Child Support Assessment, then you should seek legal advice. We can give you practical advice regarding the assessment and your legal rights to seek a review. In some cases a person can even make an application to the Family Court to have the assessment amount changed.

A child support departure order allows the court to change the amount of child support being paid in certain circumstances.

It can be costly not get the right legal advice. Don’t risk it. Seek advice from the best, contact Auslex Law Group today.

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Adam Bye
Accredited Specialist
Family Lawyer

Adam Bye is an experienced legal practitioner. An advocate who specialises in all forms of court work.

Adam is an experienced and respected criminal defence lawyer. He is ready to fight for your rights.

Hannah Little

Hannah is a keen and ambitious solicitor who has experience assisting in criminal law matters in NSW and Victoria.

She has a strong interest in criminal law and enjoys being able to help people navigate the law and get their lives back on track.

Elizabeth Windeyer
Elizabeth is enthusiastic about the law, so much so that at aged 36 she opted for a career change and commenced studying law by distance through the University of New England. In managing the rigors of a degree and her family, Elizabeth offers maturity, compassion and a determined attitude driven by a strong sense of justice.