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A death of a loved one is a sad time. It is a time to focus on family and friends.

Unfortunately it is still a time that requires certain legal steps to take place.

Auslex can assist you through this time in a non intrusive and stress free way.

Auslex can help you apply to the Supreme Court of NSW for Probate in instances where there is a valid Will and you have been nominated as Executor of that Will. The Supreme Court can then grant probate which authorises you to distribute the deceased estate in accordance with the provisions of the Will.

In the event that a valid Will has not been left, Auslex can assist you with applying for Letters of Administration to the Supreme Court of NSW. In these circumstances, there is legislation that details how an estate may be distributed and by whom. The Supreme Court can appoint an Administrator to distribute the estate under the Wills, Probate and Administration Act 1898.

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Bryan Leo

Bryan Leo is a Solicitor who has practised for 47 years, having received a Master of Laws from University of NSW.

Bryan has extensive experience in all facets of the law, with a particular interest in Property Law and Wills and Estate Law.

Ivanka Petreski
Director Auslex

Ivanka Petreski first stepped into a legal office in January 1993, as a junior receptionist and has never looked back.

With 29 years in the legal administration field, Ivanka has built up extensive administration experience in Conveyancing, Probate, Leasing matters, Wills and Administration.