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Wills And Estate Planning

Auslex can help look after all your Estate Planning needs. We believe it is important to have confidence about your future affairs. We help clients make sure they have peace of mind that all their legal needs for the future are well looked after.

The real people at Auslex Law Group provide straightforward and understandable legal advice.

We take complicated legal matters and make them simple to understand.

We recommend that all clients have 3 key estate planning documents in place; a Will, a Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardianship. We can provide expert and detailed advice to help you plan for the future.

If a loved one has passed away and you need legal help, contact us today. We can assist with the legal process to divide their assets in accordance with their will. This process is known as obtaining a Grant of Probate. We can assist with the Supreme Court application to obtain a Grant of Probate at this difficult time.

If you have been left out of a Will, we can assess your claim and provide you with advice of your options.

We can look after all your legal and estate planning needs. Secure your future. Contact us today.

A death of a loved one is a sad time. It is a time to focus on family and friends.

Unfortunately it is still a time that requires certain legal steps to take place.

Auslex can assist you through this time in a non intrusive and stress free way.

We recommend that all clients have 3 key estate planning documents in place, a Will, a Power of Attorney and an Enduring Guardianship.

Auslex Solicitors offer one of the most cost-effective ways to obtain a Will.

If you have been unfairly left out of a will you should seek advice from the expert solicitors at Auslex.

If you expected to be a beneficiary of a Will but have not been provided for, you can make a claim against the distribution of any estate under the Family Provision Act 1982.

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Bryan Leo

Bryan Leo is a Solicitor who has practised for 47 years, having received a Master of Laws from University of NSW.

Bryan has extensive experience in all facets of the law, with a particular interest in Property Law and Wills and Estate Law.

Ivanka Petreski
Director Auslex

Ivanka Petreski first stepped into a legal office in January 1993, as a junior receptionist and has never looked back.

With 29 years in the legal administration field, Ivanka has built up extensive administration experience in Conveyancing, Probate, Leasing matters, Wills and Administration.